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October 2015 Archives

Employers may be guilty of pregnancy discrimination in many ways

Pregnancy is a protected condition under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, all pregnant women have a variable degree of disability that should be accommodated by their employers. This includes both pregnancy and childbirth as well as miscarriage, abortion and any recovery that may be required for any of these events. When employers fail to provide pregnant women with the disability services they require as dictated by the law, they are guilty of discrimination.

Workers' benefits and wage supplements protected by law

In Montgomery, Pennsylvania, benefits and other wage supplements are a protected part of some workers' employment payment packages. The Wage Payment and Collection Law defines wage supplements and benefits as any payments made by the employer for the benefit of the employee, or contractually stipulated payments made directly to the employee in addition to their regular wages. These benefits often include the following:

Do nurses qualify for overtime pay?

In Montgomery, Pennsylvania, the health care industry is one of the leading employers, according to data provided by the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis. If you are a nurse who works within the health care system in the area, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division outlines the laws that govern how your employer must compensate you for your work time.

Exploring compensation options on an employee contract

When a person is offered a job in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, reviewing the employment contract carefully should be a top priority because simply accepting the first offer may cause long-term issues for the employee. It is natural to focus attention on the salary when considering the position, but even when the amount is lower than expected, other factors that influence compensation may make the job more attractive.

Is an employer responsible for third-party harassment?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires your employer in Pennsylvania to provide you with a work environment that is free of sexual harassment. You should never feel that performing your job is hostile or intimidating because of unwanted sexual verbal or physical contact, other sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. Your employer is responsible for creating policies and procedures to prevent sexual harassment from a supervisor, employee or a customer or client, and could be held liable in some cases.

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