Philadelphia Contract Attorney

Drafting, Reviewing And Negotiating Contracts

The savvy businessperson never signs a contract without consulting an experienced corporate and business attorney. Many startup and established businesses often find themselves restricted by clauses they overlooked or left unprotected because of critical details that have been omitted in vendor agreements, loan agreements and commercial contracts. They find themselves locked in expensive business litigation because the contract was written using imprecise language. At The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, we make certain that every contract our clients in the Philadelphia area sign will truly work for them in all foreseeable situations.

Knowledge Of All Types Of Business Contracts

We assist with writing, reviewing and negotiating:

  • Shareholder, partnership and operating agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • International agreements
  • Licensing, marketing, distribution and sales agreements
  • Stock purchase and asset purchase agreements
  • Loan agreements, security agreements, letters of credit and promissory notes
  • Letters of intent and contracts of sale
  • Commercial contracts

Contracts are not exclusive to the field of business law. They are critical to employment law in the form of employment contracts and severance agreements, among others. They are at the center of real estate law. We handle all contracts, including sports and entertainment contracts.

Breach Of Contract

At the center of most business disputes is a breach of contract. We represent businesses in actions against other businesses that have not fulfilled contracts, as well as businesses that have been accused of breaching contracts. Our approach to contract disputes is to weigh the client's goals with the options available, including not only trial, but negotiation and methods of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. We want to make certain that our client's short-term goals are met without interfering with the client's long-term needs and business strategies.

Discuss Your Case With A Pennsylvania Contract Negotiation Lawyer

Our Philadelphia contract lawyer can be contacted via phone at 856-208-5748 or via email. Our services are available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.