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An Insurance Policy for Wrongful Termination

Think about your most valuable asset. What would you say it is? For some people, their most valuable asset is their home. For others, it is their car. Other people may consider their health as being their most valuable asset. These assets are protected by something that can replace the value of the asset, if the asset is destroyed. Homes are protected by homeowner's insurance. Cars are protected by motor vehicle insurance. Health is protected by health insurance and life is protected by life insurance.

At-will termination explained

Pennsylvania is considered an employment-at-will state. This means that employees without contracts may be terminated at any time for any reason the employer deems appropriate to the circumstances. This could include layoffs as well as terminations. The law also gives employees the right to leave their companies at any time with no notice, free from the potential for litigation. Despite the name, no state is completely “at-will” due to the protections offered by the State of Pennsylvania and the federal government.

Wrongful termination suit filed against attorney general

A case recently filed in the Pennsylvania court system is highlighting the fact that wrongful termination can happen in jobs in any industry within both the public and private sector. According to Philly.com, one of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane’s former aides has recently filed a lawsuit against her for wrongful termination. The aide claims in his complaint that he was unlawfully dismissed as retaliation for recommending that the attorney general’s newly appointed chief of staff be dismissed for sexually harassing females in the office.

Employers may be guilty of pregnancy discrimination in many ways

Pregnancy is a protected condition under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, all pregnant women have a variable degree of disability that should be accommodated by their employers. This includes both pregnancy and childbirth as well as miscarriage, abortion and any recovery that may be required for any of these events. When employers fail to provide pregnant women with the disability services they require as dictated by the law, they are guilty of discrimination.

Who is protected from at-will termination in Pennsylvania?

As an employee in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, you may wonder what legal grounds your employer has for terminating your employment. Pennsylvania is an at-will state, which means that unless you have a contract or there is some statutory restriction, your supervisor has the right to fire you whether or not he or she has a reason, or even if there is not a reason.

Transgender discrimination in the workplace

In many states, it is still legal for employers to discharge employees based on their gender identity, and there are no clear-cut laws passed by Congress that prevent gender identity discrimination in the workplace. Some cities and states have passed local legislation to protect residents from employer bias and wrongful termination. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, Philadelphia is one of the nation’s cities that has banned gender identity discrimination. In addition, Pennsylvania’s governor issued an executive order to make discrimination against transgender state workers illegal, although there is not currently a statewide law that protects those working for privately held companies.

Retaliation not a valid reason for termination of employment

Most employment relationships in the state of Pennsylvania are “at will,” which means that a worker can leave a job or be terminated at any time. There are certain reasons however, that cannot be behind an employer letting a worker go. Retaliation against a worker is one of those situations.

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