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Erosion of Employee Rights: Arbitration Agreements

In October 2016, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article titled, "Employer vs. Employee: The Battle over Arbitration" Arbitration agreements are becoming more prevalent for employees at all wage levels and at all levels, whether or not they occupy white collar or blue collar positions. Many times, employers make their employees' submission to an arbitration agreement a condition of employment. That is, if you want to work there, you have to agree to arbitrate any claims that might arise under your employment there. Refusing to sign an arbitration agreement could jeopardize your job. For prospective employees, an employer can rescind an employment offer for refusal to sign the arbitration agreement. For existing at-will employees, an employer can terminate the employee who refuses to sign one.

What is a severance agreement?

If you are laid off or terminated by your employer, it may offer you a severance package in order to avoid the possibility of being sued for wrongful termination. These agreements are most commonly used when an employee is a protected individual or when the risk of litigation is great enough that the expense of the agreement is worth it.

Basics of overtime law

Prior to accepting a position with a new employer, potential employees are able to negotiate certain elements of their employment contracts to receive the most favorable terms. One of the main issues in these contracts is often centered on how overtime is calculated and when an employee is even eligible for the extra pay. Before signing anything, employees should first learn what Pennsylvania and federal laws allow in regards to their individual situations and overtime pay.

Exploring compensation options on an employee contract

When a person is offered a job in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, reviewing the employment contract carefully should be a top priority because simply accepting the first offer may cause long-term issues for the employee. It is natural to focus attention on the salary when considering the position, but even when the amount is lower than expected, other factors that influence compensation may make the job more attractive.

What you should know about severance pay

When you are considering employment in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, a severance agreement is one factor that is often worth negotiating before you accept the job. This agreement provides you with a continuation of a portion of your pay and/or benefits if your employment is terminated and releases your employer from liability. We at the Law Offices of Jacobson and Rooks are aware that this employment contract could result in positive or negative outcomes, depending on how it is structured.

Breach of employment contract could lead to legal action

In a previous post we mentioned that most employment relationships in the state of Pennsylvania are “at will.” While this is true, in some situations the relationship is memorialized in an employment contract. Among other things, an employment contract could contain specifics regarding how much an employee will be paid. As is the case in at will situations, under certain circumstances, employees who believe they have been mistreated by an employer can take legal action.

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