Protecting Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblowers

Passed in response to a wave of corporate fraud and accounting scandals in the early 2000s, the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, also known as "Sarbanes-Oxley," tightened accounting and reporting standards for large public companies.

If you work for one of these large corporations, of which there are many in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the law allows you to report wrongdoing on the part of your employer without fear of retaliation. At The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, we will fight for you if you are suffering professionally because of your whistleblower status.

Guiding You Through A Complex Web Of Regulations

Like many other federal laws dealing with the financial services sector, Sarbanes-Oxley is incredibly complex. To report corporate wrongdoing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, however, you simply need to fill out a form available on the SEC's website. Some common violations include:

  • Lying on securities filings
  • Misrepresenting a merger or other acquisition
  • Insider trading
  • Not reporting conflicts of interests in business dealings

To qualify, you must report violations that result in the SEC collecting more than $1 million in damages. If you fill out this form incorrectly, your claim can be irreparably harmed. An attorney at The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, can walk you through the process, helping you fill out your form correctly. The attorney can also help you pursue your cut of any damages recovered; the law entitles you to 10-30 percent of the total recovery.

Come To Us Before Blowing The Whistle

If your employer threatens you with termination, a reduction in pay or some other form of discrimination, remember that you have rights. At The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, a lawyer will be ready to help you defend them.

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