False Claims Act Whistleblowers

The federal government does a great deal of business with a range of contractors and vendors who provide essential services in sectors like defense, health care, housing and transportation.

The False Claims Act (FCA) was written to guard against contractors engaging in fraudulent activity that costs the taxpayers' money. If you work for a contractor who is committing fraud against the government, you have rights if you choose to report any illegal activity. At The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, in Philadelphia, we can stand up for you.

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The FCA includes a provision that allows the defrauding business's employees or any nonemployee who is aware of the fraud, including independent contractors, to blow the whistle and file a qui tam claim. Some common types of fraudulent behavior include:

  • Defense contractor fraud, such as overbilling for the costs of projects
  • Securing an affordable housing grant and not performing the work
  • Overbilling Medicare or Medicaid or billing the government for medical work never performed

If you file a claim under the FCA and the government successfully recovers money, you may also be entitled to a substantial portion of those damages that are recovered. We assist with the filing of qui tam claims under the False Claims Act and the collection of damages.

In addition, an experienced employment lawyer like The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, can represent you if your employer wrongfully terminated you for being a whistleblower.

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