Standing Up For Dodd-Frank Whistleblowers

Similar to how Sarbanes-Oxley was passed due to a wave of corporate accounting scandals, the Dodd-Frank bill was passed after the U.S.'s largest banks took unnecessary risks that sparked a global recession and credit crisis. The law tightens regulations on many of the nation's largest financial institutions, requiring them to manage their own and their customers' money much more responsibly so they are not exposed to losses that could ripple throughout the economy.

As an employee of one of those companies, you have the ability to report wrongdoing to the government. Serving clients in Philadelphia and New Jersey, we at The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, can represent you when you decide to take on this important job.

We Can Help You Take A Stand Against Financial Fraud

As a whistleblower, you should not have to fear being punished for trying to do what is right. Unfortunately, many employers retaliate against whistleblowers via wrongful termination or pay discrimination. By calling us and getting an experienced attorney on your side, we can help you fight and seek compensation for reporting illegal activities like:

  • Lying about losses in securities and financial filings
  • Taking unnecessary risks with customers' money
  • Noncompliance with new regulations

A lawyer at our firm can help you uncover the proper evidence, prepare it and properly file a claim with the proper authorities. If damages are recovered, we will also help you pursue your cut for holding your employer accountable.

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