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Drafting Ownership Agreements Of All Types

When drafted by an experienced lawyer, shareholder, partnership and operating agreements can serve not only to make a business operate smoothly on a daily basis, but to prevent internal disputes. At The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, our knowledge and experience working with businesses means that we are able to proactively isolate potential sources of disagreement and address them before they ever become issues. We can create clear documents that ensure that there is no question as to how a business will operate and be managed.

In addition to drafting agreements as part of the business formation process, our Philadelphia law firm also reviews and negotiates them on behalf of our clients, whether the client is an investor, entrepreneur or the corporate entity itself, where we often serve as outside general counsel.

Business Governance

The choice of agreement depends on the choice of entity. Shareholder agreements are necessary for corporations (S-corps and C-corps). Partnership agreements are necessary for limited liability partnerships (LLPs). Operating agreements are necessary for limited liability companies (LLPs). Creating an agreement goes hand-in-hand with choosing an entity. We are able to draft and review bylaws as well.

Corporate bylaws, shareholder, partnership and operating agreements all dictate how a business will be governed. They define the role, powers and duties of each of the owners, as well as executives and company officers. They structure oversight and outline liability of owners and key personnel. They state how profits and losses will be allocated, and address taxes. They define business succession and establish procedures for terminating or adding owners and key personnel.

As with all aspects of business formation, we do not move forward with the creation of an owner agreement of any type before taking the time to learn about the business and its plans for growth and evolution. All of the work we do is customized.

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