Philadelphia Business Formation Lawyer

Starting A Business

The Law Firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC, offers knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs seeking to launch a small or midsize business. From choosing the right entity to providing counsel on the daily operations of the business, we make certain nothing is overlooked and that the business is positioned to succeed, regardless of the industry.

Choice Of Business Entity

The phrase "starting a business" is often used synonymously with "business entity formation." While there is certainly much more to starting a business than choosing an entity, that is a critical component of getting a business started on the right foot. After reviewing a client's needs and goals, including business growth and financing choices down the road, which is often important to startups seeking venture capital or seed capital, we will recommend formation of a corporation (S-corp or C-corp), limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP) or another entity.

We will handle all contracts necessary to form the entity, including shareholder, partnership and operating agreements. We will educate the business owner on rights and responsibilities, including the tax consequences and liability of the selected entity.

Starting A Business Is More Than Just Choosing An Entity

If the only thing necessary to start a business was choosing an entity, it would be a much simpler matter. However, there are many other issues that need to be dealt with. We believe that business clients should be able to form long-term relationships with their lawyers, so that they have someone they trust to turn to from the very start.

As part of our commitment to building relationships with clients, we counsel on all of the issues that an emerging business may need to address, from negotiating loan agreements and financing to obtaining commercial space to working with employees.

Discuss Your Case With A Pennsylvania Business Startup Attorney

Our Philadelphia business formation attorney can be contacted via phone at 856-208-5748 or via email. Our services are available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.